Friday, 8 May 2015

Dear Neighbour, A proposal has been developed to make major changes to traffic in our neighbourhood, 
including 5 directional changes on one-way streets. This could impact your street negatively with higher traffic volume and decreased safety. 

This proposal has been developed by the “Riverdale Traffic Group” – website “” 

The proposal will shift traffic from parts of Langley, Victor, Simpson and Howland Avenues. However, the majority of our community will be faced with the opposite effect.  For example: Langley, Withrow, Logan, Riverdale, Bain, Dingwall, and other parts of other streets will all see higher traffic volume as residents are forced to weave through additional blocks to get home.  Similarly, those who use our neighborhood as a thoroughfare will drive additional streets and alleys to avoid Gerrard Street. Another issue arising would be increased traffic on Gerrard Street directly in front of the neighbourhood’s fire station thus potentially increasing response times. 

A further issue will be increased traffic along Withrow Avenue in front of Withrow School. School children walk back and forth along this street twice a day, and play at the school on weekends and evenings. Do we want to see higher traffic volume in front of the school? 

Additional stop signs, speed bumps and reduced speed limits are all effective ways to increase safety - we support such efforts! However, directional changes that shift traffic to neighbouring streets, would negatively impact safety of other streets. This is counterproductive. Please help us to increase the safety for everyone in our community and ensure all affected residents are involved in the decision-making process. 

Sign this petition and send a message directly to Councillor Paula Fletcher.


1. Sign this petition! Say NO to Directional Street Changes!!
2. Attend the meeting on Wednesday May 13 at 7:00 pm at St. John’s Presbyterian Church at 415 Broadview Avenue (at Simpson) so you can hear more details and have your say. 
3. Call and/or email Councillor Paula Fletcher at (416) 392-4060  or  to voice your opinion. 
4. Leave your comments on the Riverdale Traffic Group’s website “” 

Please help us to increase the safety of everyone in our community. 
Thank-you, Concerned Riverdale Residents.
Questions? Email us:
or speak to Andrea Bock or Michael Riley.


  1. Wouldn't it be more productive to have people read the proposal, identify issue areas and provide constructive feedback and solutions vs signing a petition? If our collective goal is to improve safety in our neighbourhood, let's channel this energy into gathering insights and ideas vs simply shooting down a proposal, which is just that - a proposal.

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